» Rules of the rent

» Rules of the rent

For your comfort and confidence, pay attention to the rules of renting and living in an apartment:

Check out time is 11:30. It means that paying for 1 day, you pay for the period of time from 14:00 to 11:30  o’clock of  the next day, regardless of  time of actual arrival in the apartment.
If you  booked an apartment since 14:00 and arrived in Chisinau in the morning, and the apartment at the moment is available, then we will give it to you with no extra charge.

All apartments that we rent daily in the center of Chisinau are cleaned professionally by maids. In price is included 1 free cleaning if you book an apartment for more than 7 days. We change bed linen and towels too.
More frequent cleaning is paid additionally, according to the price-list of additional services of daily rentals
We have a request, when checking in the apartment, report on poor quality of cleaning or poor condition of the bed linen. Complaints about the cleaning and condition of the bed linen, towels in the apartment are not accepted after check-in
The cost of standard cleaning when you check-out is included in the price.
If you used an apartment for a party or a holiday or you leave  apartment very dirty, the cost of additional cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. Respect the work of maids, they create comfort in the apartment that you rent daily.

The issues of missing personal belongings or money when living in an apartment are going to be resolved with the police. Maids, who clean apartments for daily rent - work long and consistently, checked by time and various situations, so do not rush to blame them. Try to remember the loss, look for the missing item and only then contact the manager. Compensation, discounts and other methods of reimbursement of moral or material damage are not accepted

Forgotten things in the apartments are stored in the office "RENTSERVICE" for 1 month, from the date of your departure. If,  living in the apartment, you have forgotten something that has value to you, report this within 24 hours, as the maid can regard the forgotten thing as left intentionally and throw it away without realizing its value. When cleaning apartments for daily rent, maids can put aside your things that interfere with cleaning. If you do not like it - tell the maid or the manager about it

The price of the apartment includes:
* Electricity, heating, water, gas, internet, TV,
* Check-in / out during working  hours  (08:00 - 20:30)
* 1 free cleaning for rent from 7 days (every 4 days)
The cost of an apartment does not include:
* Transfer service 15-20 y.c
* Additional cleaning of the apartment - 10-15 y.c

1. The time of the official working day is from 08.00 till 20.30.  During these hours we check you in without additional payment. You come to our office or directly to an apartment for your stay. Our employee will meet you. There will be signed contract or issued a reservation list in which you agree with the rules of residence in a rented apartment. Also you need to have a passport with you.
2. Check-in time after 14:00 and check-out time - until 13:30
3. The rental price is calculated for the period from 14.00 to 11.30. The rent for an apartment depends on the number of people. The payment and the deposit are paid in full upon entry, after which you will be given keys and a contract.
4. The prices on the site include booking services
5. In case of cancellation or alteration of the reservation, will be applied a penalty equaled to the rent of one day 
6. For more information and cancellation of the reservation, please contact us
7. Because of the increased cases of property damage / violation of the rules of residence / loss of keys, etc. we are forced to introduce a security deposit. This is a forced measure, but it allows you to discipline people at least in the minimum amount. At the same time, for regular clients who have proven themselves as trustworthy, an exception can be made (talk to the manager).
8. One of the main conditions for a client is introducing a deposit of cash for the safety of property in the apartment (the amount of deposit depends on the level of the apartment and is negotiated separately !!!). The deposit guarantees that the apartment will remain in the same condition as it was given in rent. The deposit is returned upon departure of the client, , after checking all conditions  of the apartment and recieving the keys of the apartment from the client.
9. On the day of departure, the client must return the keys,  bed linen and apartment in proper condition. In case of damage to the property, the client reimburses the damage caused.
10. A security deposit is a sum of money between 50-150 euro, which is paid by client when settling into an apartment and will be returned in full upon departure. In the absence of claims on property and equipment in compliance with all conditions of  daily rental apartments, the deposit is returned to the client
11. In case of pre-term departure from the apartment, the money for the remaining period of residence is not returned !!!
12. Prohibited:
* Smoking in the apartment (allowed only in specially equipped places)
* Bring pets with you. (we have the right to refuse to offer an apartment, do not return the advanced payment)
13.     If you can not make a payment, the reservation is considered unconfirmed, and before your arrival the apartment you have chosen in Chisinau can be booked by another client. In this case we will try to find other apartment for you.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our apartments:
Strongly are not offered for:
Celebrations, for corporate parties, birthdays !!!