» Evaluation of real estate for free

» Evaluation of real estate for free

How to estimate the cost of an apartment?

Depending on the purpose, you will need an expert or certified evaluation of the apartment. Expert estimation is made by our specialists when selling an apartment or renting it out, it's a free service. A certified valuation resulting in an independent appraiser's report is necessary for mortgage lending, real estate lending, property dispute resolution, inheritance rights, and some other transactions.

Free expert evaluation for the sale of apartments
When selling or renting an apartment our realtors produce a free expert evaluation.
The assessment takes into account all the parameters of the apartment - location and infrastructure, building and apartment building characteristics, condition of communications, entrance, quality of repair. All the features are taken into account - from the social status of the residents of the house to the view from the windows, the prospects for the development of the district are clarified. If necessary, the expert will go to the site.

The cost of similar proposals is monitored. Pay attention: experts analyze not only the prices indicated in the databases of the sale of apartments, but the real cost of buying these objects, since during the exposure of the apartment its cost may vary. For sellers, it is important to know what value the buyer is willing to pay. Realtors also predict the liquidity of an object taking into account the state of the market (supply and demand).

Based on all the data, an expert estimate of the value of your apartment is being formed.
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